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What is Board App

BoardApp is a comprehensive solution to automate your board processes. It is fully compliant with Secretarial Standards & is especially suited for Indian companies.

BoardApp Premium

BoardApp Premium is full-featured version with enhanced security, collaboration & automation capabilities enabling unmatched ease, effectiveness to Directors & Secretarial teams.

BoardApp Lite

BoardApp Lite is a free version that helps you get started. You may use it for unlimited period without obligations. As & when you feel the need, you may opt for full-featured BoardApp Premium.

BoardApp is designed from ground-up, with the help of domain experts & practitioners, specially for Indian Companies.

What is in BoardApp for Board/Committee Members

As a Director, Board Member or Committee Member, BoardApp offers you unmatched Convenience, Control, Capability & Security.

  • You do not need to install separate apps for each company.
  • Easy, intuitive interface. You don’t require a user manual or training.
  • Use it on your tablet or phone (iOS, Android apps) or desktop browser.
  • Apps allow you to access agenda, documents & contents in offline mode
  • Calendar Sync – all your board & committee meetings in one single place
  • Timely Alerts – Notice of Meeting, Document & Minutes, Meeting Alerts
  • Acknowledgements for Physical (in-person) as well as Virtual (electronic) attendance
  • Annotate meeting documents
  • Prepare/collate meeting notes
  • Send queries to Company Secretary
  • Share notes among peers
  • In-built multi-level authentication & security
  • Remote wipe-off of documents & information in case of device theft/loss
  • Complete segregation of documents of various companies despite being within the same app

What is in BoardApp for Company Secretary / Secretarial Team

As Company Secretary or Secretarial Team member, BoardApp offers you unmatched Convenience, Control, Capability & Security.

  • Easy, intuitive interface. You don’t require a user manual.
  • Ability to manage your multiple companies through a single application instance.
  • In-built Secretarial Standards enable ease of compliance, avoiding duplicated effort
  • Role-based access
  • Option to delegate specific agenda /item of business to relevant function/action owners
  • Configurable (not hard-coded) process decision points
  • Complete, granular support for board processes – Notice of Meeting, Agenda, Attendance, Minutes
  • Option to initiate approval workflows for board documents
  • Review/respond to Directors’ queries
  • Easy Version Management & Tracking of notes across versions
  • Ability to control / monitor access
  • Ability to wipe-off contents from remote apps
  • Multi-layered access security
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